The RSPB chough team comprises just two staff, Claire who is full time and manages our chough project, she also does our advisory work with farmers all around the coast of Cornwall, and Nicola who works from March to July organising, as well as being part of all the nest protection and logistics needed to keep the choughs undisturbed and have the best chance of breeding successfuly. We are supported by an amazing team of volunteers who help us and the choughs by carrying out the nest protection and monitoring work, attending events and a whole lot more. We hope you think we do a good job to help keep Cornwall’s special bird safe and secure.

The RSPB funds all this chough work but there are more and more species calling on RSPB coffers so we really need financial assistance to keep going. We currently receive no outside funding at all as it’s not easy to secure money to cover staffing costs – but that is what we need because it’s the people that make the difference for choughs.

Please support us.

Are you a conservation minded business or individual looking to support a worthy cause? Do you have a product or service that could be used to help raise a long term sustainable income for choughs?

Could you make a donation? however large or small, we would be very appreciative and put funds to good use.

If you are able to help please contact