Cornish choughs need you! 

There are many ways you can be part of ‘Team Chough’

Tell us if you see choughs

Send us your sightings.  If you are out and about and see a chough (or lots of them), don’t assume we know – your record will help us keep track of the growing population so tell us where, when, how many, and as much detail as you can, we would love to hear from you.


Be part of the Chough Watch nest protection and monitoring team.

Choughs have the highest level of protection as a Schedule 1 species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, (the same as osprey and peregrine), but due to their rarity they are still at risk from egg thieves. During the breeding season when the female is incubating her eggs, (during April) the nests are guarded.  A fantastic, dedicated team of volunteers give their time freely to help protect nest sites and monitor the chough’s behaviour, which is invaluable and has certainly helped them be so successful over the years. Monitoring also helps us to gain a greater understanding of the choughs’ behaviour so we can then work with farmers to provide the best habitat giving them a greater chance of survival and a more secure future in Cornwall.

You don’t need to be a birdwatcher or a member of a conservation organisation to help, you just need to be interested in wildlife and want to play a part in helping Cornwall’s choughs.

Be part of the Chough Watch nest protection and monitoring team.

Taking part involves spending a regular amount of time out on the cliffs keeping an eye on the nest sites. A guide would be a minimum of four hours per week during the breeding season or if you want to be involved year round we always want people to go out and do a regular ‘watch’ each week.

Watching these enigmatic birds against the beautiful backdrop of Cornwall’s coast is a real joy and volunteers get much pleasure from seeing other wildlife including basking sharks, dolphins and seabirds whilst guarding nests. The weather can be challenging at times but if you wrap up against the elements, pack a flask and some croust, what better way to while away a few hours!


We really need financial help to enable us to carry on with all our chough conservation work in Cornwall. We are a small team but we do our best to help keep Cornwall’s special bird safe and secure .  Please support us.